ABRT .pot has missing strings for translation and some are unclear even in English

Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 08:57:07 UTC 2009

I agree too, because the pot has also several errors, like "gtk-cancel" what
is must be just only cancel on button... and so on. The pot is bleeding from
several wounds....

2009/9/18 Tomek Chrzczonowicz <chrzczonowicz at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I'm a Fedora Polish L10n Team member and while reviewing translations
> for ABRT (from l10n livecd 2009-09-17 and Transifex .po/.pot files) I
> noticed that there are many strings in ABRT that are not in .pot files,
> so they can't be translated:
> 1. Gnome menu description "View and report application crashes"
> 2. "Icon" table header
> 3. "Settings" window titlebar
> 4. Names and descriptions of plug-ins in the Preferences window
> 5. "Plugin Details" and the actual plugin details. "Version", "Author",
> "Website"
> 6. "Configure plugin"
> Also, there are several strings that will unclear for _users_, even in
> English. Without them changing, a translator can either compensate for
> this or leave it as it is and make users of his locale confused as well.
> 1. "Quota exceeded". It doesn't say what for. One doesn't translate the
> variable that comes afterwards, so the end user has no idea what quota
> this is about. Please consider changing it to "Report size exceeded the
> quota" or sth along these lines.
> 2. "Please check your MaxCrashReportsSize value in abrt.conf."
> The "your" thing is pretty ambiguous. Is quota given on per-user basis
> in abrt.conf? Does one have abrt.conf in his home directory?
> I've checked the /etc/abrt/abrt.conf and it seems that neither. So,
> could you perhaps replace "your" with "system's" (as to indicate that
> it's system-wide setting). That would be much less confusing.
> 2. "This is the default handler". Same as 1. How about "This is the
> default crash handler" and "default handler for exceeded quotas"?
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/ABRTF12 says ABRT is aimed at
> non-power users, so these things really make a difference.
> I'm CC'ing fedora-trans-list and my L10n Team maintainer.
> It would be great if you could request a string break and update the
> strings before the translation deadline on 2009-09-22. This way we could
> ship a polished translation in time for Fedora 12.
> Regards,
> Tomek Chrzczonowicz
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