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Tareq Al Jurf taljurf at fedoraproject.org
Fri Apr 2 16:15:15 UTC 2010

>Hi Tareq.

>Thanks for stepping up. Is there a public discussion thread in the
>Arabic team where this decision was made? What do the rest of the
>members think about this?

Dimitris, you were involved in that discussion, remember?. lol :D
In 16 Nov 2009 , between me, you, Greg and Sherif Abdelgawad. The subject
was (arabic translation list)
Since then, I've been contacting Munzir Taha the former maintainer. He gave
me some tasks to do. And I'm done with them.

Tareq Al Jurf
Fedora Ambassador
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
taljurf at fedoraproject.org
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