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Munzir Taha ( منذر طه ) munzirtaha at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 20:29:59 UTC 2010

On Yaum al-Jumma 17 Rabi` al-Thaani 1431 7:38:21 pm Dimitris Glezos wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 7:15 PM, Tareq Al Jurf <taljurf at fedoraproject.org> 
> >>Hi Tareq.
> >>
> >>Thanks for stepping up. Is there a public discussion thread in the
> >>Arabic team where this decision was made? What do the rest of the
> >>members think about this?

Hi all
During the previous week, I reviewed all Tareq's translations which are sent 
privately and pointed out some problems with the translation. He is proceeding 
well beside he is enthusiastic about being the maintainer. As you mentioned, 
Tareq needs first to contribute via the mailing list and be involved with the 
community before a decision by me and the members is made. I also requested he 
learn how to use the current versioning system, if any, (we used to use cvs) 
for tracking each other's changes which Tareq doesn't still know how to 
handle. He also need to learn how to convert to .mo file and apply translation 
to check the context. I also want to see how he reviews others translations.

I really believe you shouldn't rush for the maintainer, take your time, prove 
to the community you can work hard and cooperate well, if they see you 
qualified they would vote for you. I would be the first don't worry.

> > Dimitris, you were involved in that discussion, remember?. lol :D
> > In 16 Nov 2009 , between me, you, Greg and Sherif Abdelgawad. The subject
> > was (arabic translation list)
> > Since then, I've been contacting Munzir Taha the former maintainer. He
> > gave me some tasks to do. And I'm done with them.
> Excellent. How is the team building progressing?
> Munzir, could we have a +1 as well?
> -d

Munzir Taha
Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer
Maintainer of Fedora Arabic Translation Project
Master CIW Designer, ICDL, MOUS, Linux+, LPI, SCSA
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