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Alejandro Perez alejandro.perez.torres at
Sat Apr 3 00:58:39 UTC 2010

Name: Alejandro Perez T.
Location: Panama, Rep of Panama
Login: Aeperezt
Job: It Consultan

I work as IT consultan on Panama.
I have been Fedora Ambassador for Panama for around 9 months now, one of
my main task as ambassador have been talking to people and encourage
them to join Fedora Project, one of the part that we can help is in
translation, therefor I want to become part of the translation team and
lead some others to join this task on Fedora, other task will also join
later will be package maintainer. But one step at the time. 

My Linux experience started on 1995 with Slackware, since then have use
many other distributions but Fedora and Slackware are my favorite ones.

Experience: As consultan I have translate some IT docs, for clients and
Web Sites. I have work with Linux Servers, as basic as LAMP, email
(sendmail, exim, qmail), also build some clusters and proxy servers.


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