Introducing myself to Fedora translators

Tezcatl Franco tezcatl at
Sun Apr 11 06:45:21 UTC 2010

Hello Fedora people!

My name is Jesús Franco, alias Tezcatl(or tzk) in many pages out there,
because Tezcatlipoca is poor known as brother of Quetzalcoatl and as
dark-mage, but that's not fair. He represents the wisdom of the
subconscious mind and the older values of humanity. Maybe you has
guessed now, i'm from Mexico.

I'm GNU/Linux user from 4 years ago and i've done translations for
projects like and others related to autonomy and
security. My work in free software movement has been in workshops of
digital inclusion with children and elder people, from fundamentals of
ofimatics to introduction to programming for kids with Scratch of MIT.

Installfests has not been very appealing to me, but with a friend i've
worked in the migration of 2 after-school centres in towns of high
levels of margination in Mexico City and Chimalhuacán, State of
Mexico. Actually that was done with Ubuntu the last year, but i've
discovered Fedora now and i like it very much because his commitment
to free software it's more definite. However in the FliSol of this
year i'll promote Fedora with a presentation and giving personal
guidance and support for the guys and girls who wants give a try to
Fedora in the installation area. 

My goals joining to Fedora translators (Spanish specifically) are
1. supporting the translation of documentation more necessary to let
other instructors like me using Fedora in live or online workshops
of "digital inclusion" as an approach to the empowering of
marginalized communities reducing the "digital breach". 2. Making
proposal of correction of sexism in the language of traductions, much
more problematic in spanish than in english, i want to believe Fedora
has a wise community very proud to be the First to include the better
Features in his contributions to the whole open source ecosystem.

Finally, i'm sorry for my poor writing abilities in english, i'm not
used to translate from spanish to english. More likely from english to
my language. I'm pretty sure joining this community will be plenty of
opportunities to learn, share and joy. :)

Best regards,
Jesús Franco

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