Upcoming Fedora 13 Tasks

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Mon Apr 12 21:52:18 UTC 2010

Start       End         Name
Wed 18-Nov  Tue 04-May  Translate All Guides (POT to PO)
Tue 23-Mar  Mon 03-May  Translate Final Release Notes (POT to PO)
Tue 13-Apr  Tue 13-Apr  Reminder to f-websites-list about POT/PO dates 
in 7 days
Tue 13-Apr  Tue 13-Apr  Beta Release Public Availability
Wed 21-Apr  Tue 04-May  Translation Period for Website (POT to PO)
Mon 26-Apr  Thu 06-May  Review and correct Final Translated Guides 
(daily builds html)
Tue 27-Apr  Mon 03-May  Review and correct GA Release Notes (daily 
builds html)

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