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Wed Apr 14 06:03:56 UTC 2010

Good day!

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> I want to derail this thread slightly. How would one go about
> configuring a project to enable translations of manpages by
> Transifex?

We (Russian team) have already tried to use Transifex for translating manpages [1]. But we still have some problems with on-line translating. And everything else is all right. So I believe this project can be multilingual.


> We write our manpages in Docbook XML, so it can be easily converted
> into
> Troff, HTML, etc.
> My question is: how can we extract strings from this XML so that we
> can
> add them to the .pot file for Transifex?

As I know you can do it with po4a.
[1] -

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Инна Кабанова / Russian Fedora Team

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