TQSG not on docs.fpo

noriko noriko at fedoraproject.org
Wed Apr 14 06:39:19 UTC 2010

Piotr Drąg さんは書きました:
> W dniu 09.04.2010 04:44, noriko pisze:
>> I am sorry for this inconvinient, but I like to ask for a little more
>> time to this happened.
>> TQSG needs some adjustment to work with updated Tx just like F13 Release
>> notes and Accessility Guide, which should contain multiple POs. This
>> makes building and publishing HTMLs in various languages a lot easier.
>> Currently other f13 guides should take higher priorities.
>> With this reason, I am not touching TQSG at this moment.
> I think you really want to git pull latest TQSG repo. ;) It's already
> adjusted to work with new Transifex. Everything has been split last time
> and we have already some translations made with multiple PO files. So,
> everything needed is publishing it on docs.fp.o, to which I
> unfortunately don't have privileges.
OH, :-o... you are right  :-)
Thank you for this.
Rudi just published latest ones last week already.
Let me know if any other language team want another push.


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