Final release notes POT

Paul W. Frields stickster at
Wed Apr 21 11:56:37 UTC 2010

Hello awesome translators,

I'm sending this email on behalf of the Docs team.  We just want to
remind everyone that, according to the F13 Docs schedule[1]:

* The Docs team will have all changes to the Release Notes POT
  finalized by 2010-04-26 UTC 2359.

* The Docs team will pick up all the final PO files for Release Notes
  on 2010-05-03 UTC 2359.

* Immediately after that, we'll be building the RPM for
  fedora-release-notes for F13, so that it can get into the update
  system in time to make the final release.

Thanks for all the work your teams are doing.  The Docs team has
posted several times to the planet to tell everyone in the community
how impressed we are by the L10n teams.  We're excited that our tools
are helping us collaborate better than ever with you!

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