Document translator credits

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Thu Apr 22 06:12:31 UTC 2010

Hi all;

As some of you are all too aware, our XML-to-PO-to-published-document 
process means that the translators who work on one release of a doc do 
not get credited until the next release.

Given how much time, effort, and care that translators put into our 
massive documentation suite, this hardly seems fair!

I've therefore put together a page on the Fedora wiki where we can track 
and acknowledge these contributions in a far more timely fashion:

I'm including a link to this page in any of our docs that maintains a 
list of contributors (so far, it's in the Fedora 13 Virtualization Guide 
and Fedora 13 User Guide, and it will be in the Installation Guide 
shortly). The idea here is *not* to remove translators' names from the 
books on which they've worked, but to give credit much sooner than would 
otherwise be possible, while also making it easier to refresh the list 
of contributors in the next release.

As things stand, each doc lead has had to trawl through the commit logs 
to update these lists for each release. With this page on the wiki, 
translators can help out too.


If you have done any work on a Fedora 13 document, could you please 
check to see that you're listed? And if you start work on another 
document, could you please remember to add your name?


When you notice a new translation come in for a document that you 
maintain, could you please check the page and make sure that the 
translator has remembered to add herself or himself to the list? You 
will also need to double-check the list against the commit logs in six 
months' time when you branch your document for Fedora 14 and import any 
new translators for the book.

I know this is still a manual process, but hopefully, it provides 
greater visibility and more timely recognition for the extremely 
valuable work that the Fedora Localization Project does on docs.



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