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Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Fri Apr 23 22:24:07 UTC 2010

On 04/24/2010 01:05 AM, Eric "Sparks" Christensen wrote:
> On 04/23/2010 10:32 AM, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
>> There are several useless parts in uploaded files in "Readme Burning
>> ISOs | F13", but this is not the only one. They are listed with zero
>> strings in transifex. Mostly these are useles, or false po's, and if i
>> want to see their content in most cases just drops on an empty page an
>> '1.' and that's it.
>> Somebody could help this clue?
> This is a peculiarity with Publican.  Not sure why it is generating
> these "empty" files but they don't go against your overall percentage
> complete in Transifex, as I've noticed.  Just ignore them.
More specifically, they are PO files that correspond to any XML files in 
the document that have no translatable content in them.

In most cases, it's the XML file that contains the "root node" for the 
document, which almost never contains actual text, but only links to the 
other XML files that represent the individual chapters and sections. 
However, it's not safe for Publican or Transifex always to ignore the 
file that contains the root node, because it's possible that an author 
/might/ have placed some translatable content in there.

If you find this too distracting, you could file a feature request for 
Publican not to create a PO file if the corresponding POT file is 
empty,[0] or a feature request for Transifex not to serve empty PO 
files[1], or both!

Otherwise, as Eric says, just ignore any files with 0 strings in them; 
it doesn't affect the translation or your translation statistics in any way.




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