String freeze, and get.fp.o

Paul Frields stickster at
Sat Apr 24 21:36:44 UTC 2010

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 10:30 PM, Domingo Becker
<domingobecker at> wrote:
> 2010/4/23 Paul W. Frields <stickster at>:
>> To do this, though, would reqeuire a string freeze exception.  The
>> string freeze for websites started on 2010-04-21, so we're a couple
>> days late.  I'm officially asking:
>> * L10n to tell us whether they would mind having these website changes
>>  come into POT within the next 24-48 hours.  Translations could be
>>  accepted up until May 11, and then of course after May 19 when
>>  things unfreeze we would accept more.
> +1 from Spanish team
> Nice redesign!
> In "handy resources" it would be nice to have a link to

You should see those links now. Although they all currently redirect
to the main docs.fp.o site, the next version of the docs.fp.o site
doesn't have to do that. As it is, the docs.fp.o site clearly shows
how to find each document so the effect shouldn't be bad.

> What would be the correct way to translate "Upgrading Fedora" [1] ?
> If the link is included in the pot file, we may change it to point to
> something like [2], and translate that page too.
> [1]
> [2]

That's my fault. I put the link outside the markup. I'll fix that for
any of the sites like the wiki where local groups might want to link
to their own translated pages.


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