requesting string freeze breakage?

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Thu Apr 29 02:31:32 UTC 2010

Máirín Duffy さんは書きました:
> Hi,
> There's a few minor changes I wanted to make to the text in firstboot. I
> know it's late in the cycle but these changes are small and will have a
> big impact on the Fedora install experience.
> Do you know how I can request a string freeze breakage for the text?


I am understanding that this text to be a part of firstboot package.
If my understanding is correct, this request might need to be accepted 
and modified by the firstboot maintainer, and then again it needs to be 
approved by either or all of QA team, Rel-Eng team and FESCo for 
including the update into Final Compose.
It would be good to speak to QA, FESCo or Rel-eng. Looking into those 
teams task schedules, they seems to have Final Blocker Meeting #3 on 
2010-04-30. I can not be optimistic on this request, but good luck!

Besides there are more than three plus from L10N, and you can be strong 
and tell them that L10N team are positive to update translation once 

I might be misunderstanding the request, if so please forgive.


> The new text/design is here:
> The actual changed text is as follows:
> 'Final Steps
> 'You're almost there! There are a few more steps we'll walk you through
> to get your new Fedora system ready to use. We will now guide you
> through some basic configuration. Please click the 'Forward' button in
> the lower right corner to get started.'
> (the last sentence is identical to the current last sentence.)
> So there are 3 changed sentences.
> Any advice greatly appreciated,
> ~m
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