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Wed Aug 4 04:31:09 UTC 2010

edo さんは書きました:
> Hi there, 
> I made the account and I did some reading on the site. And I am little bit
> confused as I have seen that there are Croatian translations but couldn't
> find team page or something like that. So if there is a "pointer" on way to
> find them (if they have some kind of a page on fedora) or way to contact
> them, that would be great. So all in all I am on the level where I am trying
> to reach other Croatians so we can co-ordinate the work.

Welcome Edo

I have just now sponsored you, since no sponsor for Croatian team.
As you pointed, there is no team info at Team page [1]. This means that 
it would be best to have Croatian team newly formed.
But I remember the post(s) from some Croatian translators before in this 
list, if I am not dreaming... so I believe you can find them here. Once 
you can find other translators, could you please select your team 
coordinator? And then that person needs to take the steps 
how-to-become-maintainer (aka coordinator) [2]. So that next time we 
have new Croatian translator, the things will become much easier.



> Regards,
> Edo
> p.s. I saw that now I am on the level where I need sponsor or something like
> that. I am a little bit confused with it but I guess in time I will
> understand more about it :)
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> On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 11:59 PM, edo <edo at> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> My name is edin and native language is Croatian. Currently living in 
>> Esslingen, Germany. Am under nick edo79zg. Locale language Croatian. 
>> Living and studying in Germany so I can say I have some spare time I 
>> want to spend with something useful. I am not some coding geek but I 
>> can offer help in terms of localization to Croatian.
> Hello Edo :)
> It is nice to see you in our project! For the rest of the team, Edo is a
> valued contributor in the Mozilla community and can be an excellant addition
> to our team.
> Edo, have you followed the first steps outlined here [1] (creating fas
> account, joining mailing list etc). If yes I would be happy to show you
> arround Transifex [2] (our translations system) and finally mentor you to
> get commit access on the .po files and strings.
> Please feel free to ask for any help :)
> Once again welcome and good translations!
> ~pierros
> [1]
> Translation_Quick_Start_Guide/index.html
> [2]
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