Hello world !

Nicolas Maître nimai at skynet.be
Thu Aug 19 17:06:32 UTC 2010

Hi everybody !

My name's Nicolas aka nimai. I'm from Belgium and my mother language
is French. I'm now starting a master degree in computer engineering at
UCL [0].

I plan to contribute to Fedora Project by translating stuff to french,
in the first place. I have, I think, a rather good level in English. I
can speak a little Dutch too, but not enough to translate *to* Dutch
(The other way could be OK though).
I have some preference for translating documentation. It's a way to
remind me a lot of useful info I have forgotten ;)

On the long run   – if I have still time for that –  I'd like to take
part of packaging processes too, as I'm rather a developer guy.

I'm relatively new to fedora and all this "rpm world", but I really
like it. I used to be a debian user for some years, but I think I
needed a breath of fresh air, so here I am. I care very much about
Free Software use, and the DFSG [1] is probably the main reason for my
long stay on debian's side.

"Official" things
- FAS login: nimai
- Language I'd like to translate to : french.
- GPG key:
% LANG=C gpg --fingerprint nimai at skynet.be
pub   1024D/31F5C05E 2007-04-29
      Key fingerprint = 6458 2F02 2B8E 12DD 0C4C  4B51 6471 EC97 31F5 C05E
uid                  Nicolas Maître (nimai's key) <nimai at skynet.be>
sub   1024g/02B048DA 2007-04-29
sub   4096R/D6B645D3 2010-01-29

[0] http://www.uclouvain.be/epl
[1] http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines

Kind regards.

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