Self-Introduction: András Bögöly, Hungarian

Bögöly András ebogoly at
Mon Dec 13 16:36:10 UTC 2010

 Name: András Bögöly
Location: Győr, Hungary
Login: FAS bogolyandras
Language: Hungarian
Profession or Student status: Student
About me:
Hello everybody! I'm using Fedora for learning purposes (testing new linux
features), and i would like to take part in it by translating it to

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
pub   2048R/5032DFE9 2010-12-11
      Key fingerprint = 9398 F0A7 1B49 4311 8B12  4913 2412 C1BF 5032 DFE9
uid                  Bögöly András <ebogoly at>
sub   2048R/533A2D5C 2010-12-11
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