Self-Introduction: Andrew Zaytsev

Андрей Зайцев andzaytsev at
Tue Feb 16 12:35:59 UTC 2010

   - Name: Andrew Zaytsev
   - Inhabitation: Moscow, Russia
   - Login: andzaytsev, En-Ru
   - Job: Student
   - I'd like to contribute Fedora Project in translation and maybe
   something else in future
   - I first met linux about 3 yrs. ago. What can I say? I like it.
   - Experience: Wiki translation
   - Computer skills: I know Linux as a user
   - Oter skills: programming, etc

[andrey at localhost ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 9D4D2D91
pub   2048R/9D4D2D91 2010-02-15
Key fingerprint = 315A FD90 3506 4B13 4227  A15E 9756 001C 9D4D 2D91
uid                  Andrew Zaytsev <andzaytsev at>
sub   2048R/6283BF51 2010-02-15
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