QA test for L10N

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Wed Feb 17 05:26:38 UTC 2010

Igor Pires Soares さんは書きました:
> Em Ter, 2010-01-19 às 14:41 +0530, Ankit Patel escreveu: 
>> Igor Pires Soares wrote:
>>> I guess when we have more documentation prepared we can split it in 
>>> more pages, so far it looks ok for me.
>>> [1]
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for the heads up Igor.
>> some inputs from my side.
>> * We need to review the list of packages, as some of the packages do not
>> really comes as default or being obsoleted by some other packages.
> IMHO it is important to include not only those packages that come as
> default, at least I think we should include all system-config-* apps
> since some of them don't come as default but are also important. I
> realize some packages as switchdesk and hwbrowser seems obsoleted, but
> they are still being packed for F13, anyway I'm not sure if they are
> worth testing at first. I just removed rhpxl and system-config-cluster
> from the list since both are really obsoleted.

I saw great progress in Template, thank you so much!
For packages that don't come as default still important, +1 to Igor.

>> * Steps section needs to be updated. (e.g. for Anaconda testing - 1.
>> Issue command "liveinst" 2. Check buttons' translations 3. Check whether
>> every message on each window is translated correctly 4. Check the
>> consistency of translation across the application and desktop items. [5.
>> Checking the menu items, dialog boxes' translation if any] If any of
>> these fails file a bug)
> If we want more complete steps I think we should write them in other
> page or write separated test cases like i18n does and link them using a
> wiki category, as suggested earlier. So we can clean up the results
> template page by moving the "steps" column to an individual installer
> test case, for instance. 

Good idea. Ankit, how you think?

Now only those packages have no step for review, 'smoon', 'readahead', 
'python-meh', 'pykickstart', 'libuser' and 'kexec-tools'. Anyone, any idea?


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