Self-Introduction: Alexander Shopov

Александър Александър
Fri Feb 19 09:39:40 UTC 2010

Name: Alexander Shopov
Geolocation: Sofia, Bulgaria
Login: alshopov
Job: Programmer

I am the coordinator of Bulgarian Gnome translation team and also the
Bulgarian team at the Translation project.

Several components used by Gnome rely on the translation system provided
by Fedora (PackageKit, Avahi).

I am trying to commit translations through the hoops####system.

Has anyone a contact with the coordinator of the Bulgarian team at
Fedoraproject - Doncho Gunchev?

I am trying to contact him because I am stuck with the uploading

I have the following - A Fedora Account, SSH pub key, a published PGP
key, a signed CLA, application for cvsl10n, Bugzilla account.

What else do I need to be able to upload translations?


pub   2048R/73F9C522 2010-02-19 [expires: 2012-02-19]
      Key fingerprint = 28A9 BB4F 9AA3 35C3 9F07  4B42 3149 9B4F 73F9 C522
uid                  Alexander Shopov (al_shopov) <ash at>
sub   2048R/529BEE12 2010-02-19 [expires: 2012-02-19]

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