Fedora's Transifex testing instance - help needed

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at redhat.com
Mon Feb 22 04:12:10 UTC 2010

Some test result.
Since the results seem not consistent to me between 19-Feb and 22-Feb 
(the action passed on 19-Feb but same action failed on 22-Feb) 
suspecting infra maintenance, bugs have not been filed for [Failed] 
result on purpose. Let me know if it is needed.

1P. Downloaded and uploaded ja-JP/Author_Group.po successful. Stat has 
been updated immediately. (19-Feb)

2P. Edited (online translation) and submitted ja-JP/Book_Info.po. Stat 
has been updated immediately. (19-Feb)

1F. Downloaded and uploaded ja-JP/Xen_Compatibility.po. Got error 
message with no stat change. But after some time, stat has been updated 
with the file which got error message. (22-Feb)
"Sorry, your file could not be sent because of an error."

2F. Downloaded and uploaded ja-JP/Windows_2008_Installation.po. Got 
success message. But stat has not been updated. (22-Feb)
"Flie Submitted Successfully:ja-JP/Windows_2008_Installation.po"

3F. Edited (online translation) and submitted 
ja-JP/Windows_2008_Installation.po to overwrite 2F successfully. Stat 
has been updated immediately. (22-Feb)
File submitted successfully: ja-JP/Windows_2008_Installation.po

1O. After submission it goes to: 
It would be nice if it goes back to the file list:
* Ticket created, http://trac.transifex.org/ticket/513

2O. 'Edit' feature missing for some files.
ja-JP/Block_Devices.po, ja-JP/Reference_virsh.po, 
ja-JP/Reference_virt-manager.po, ja-JP/Remote_Management.po and 

3O. Clicked 'Add a new translation' and added new file for jp-JP as new 
language. This action added one file in the project, but do not create 
rest set of files magically. How to add a full set of files for new 
* Ticket created, http://trac.transifex.org/ticket/514


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