Self-Introduction: Pavel V. Tyutin

Pasha donskoe at
Mon Feb 22 06:13:55 UTC 2010


   * Self-Introduction: Pavel V. Tyutin


   * Name: Pavel V. Tyutin
   * Inhabitation: Moscow, Russia
   * Login: pashanoid, En-Ru
   * Job: IT Specialist
   * I used to work for Interavia Airlines Head of IT company, Moscow, Russia
   * I'd like to contribute Fedora Project in documentation translation
   * What else I'd like to do are websites, Fedora packages
deployment (maybe, not sure)
   * Any project related to Fedora development to the extent it
relates to administration and configuration.
   * I first met linux in 1996 and never looked back. Veteran.
   * Experience: Web-sites localization, operating systems
documentation translation, IT projects, specifications and quotations
translation. Worked on similar issues while being employed at Acronis
   * What level and type of computer skills do you have? Linux
(Fedora mostly) desktop & servers administration
   * What other skills do you have that might be applicable? People
skills, public speaker,  perl programmer,  etc.
   * GPG KEYID 74F69492 fingerprint 368A BD01 5F22 708A 2EFB  83C8
0F3D 6955 74F6 9492
   * See DocsProject/UsingGpg/CreatingKeys for help and instructions
if you don't have a GPG key.
   * Be sure that your GPG key is uploaded to Use "gpg
--keyserver --send-key KEYID".

[pasha at pelikan .ssh]$ gpg --fingerprint 74F69492
pub   2048R/74F69492 2010-02-22
     Key fingerprint = 368A BD01 5F22 708A 2EFB  83C8 0F3D 6955 74F6 9492
uid                  Pavel Tyutin (pashanoid) <donskoe at>
sub   2048R/00CAD7BB 2010-02-22






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