Self-Introduction: Imtiaz Rahi

Imtiaz Rahi imtiaz at
Mon Feb 22 22:22:22 UTC 2010

Name: Imtiaz Rahi
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Language: Bengali (bn_BD)
Login: imtiaz
Job: I am software developer and also worked on networking and system
Currently working independently.
I'd like to contribute Fedora Project in localizing packages and document
translation for Bengali (bn_BD).
Also, I am seeking opportunity to do packaging for Fedora.

Experience: I have recently started translating softwares (L10N). Not much
experience is full blown document translation.
I think I have advanced computing skills. Can check here:
I have been using Linux for 6+ years and have strong knowledge on server,
service setup.
Virtualization techs I used VMware, openvz. Trying out Xen, KVM.
Done RPM packaging for personal or organization need.
I am a Fedora Ambassador for Bangladesh and Fedora FreeMedia program
contributor for the last few years.

My GPG key and fingerprint:
pub   2048R/BAEC65B9 2010-02-03 [expires: 2020-02-01]
      Key fingerprint = DFFC 158D CE38 3EF7 6CE1  4EDD 4275 9E98 BAEC 65B9
uid                  Imtiaz Rahi <imtiaz.rahi at>
sub   2048R/E1635646 2010-02-03 [expires: 2020-02-01]

Cheers // Imtiaz Rahi
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