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Tue Feb 23 14:18:48 UTC 2010

Dear Imtiaz bhai,

Great to know about your interest in localization. Currently I am out of
town, but will be back by this Friday.

Please let me know which modules you are ready to localize.

Regarding the mailing list, it will be helpful if you can help me on


On 23-Feb-2010 5:04 PM, "Imtiaz Rahi" <imtiaz at> wrote:

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 2:52 PM, Shankar Prasad Venkateshbhat <
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> Welco...
Hi Shankar,

Many thanks for your reply. I am one of admins of bangladesh-users mailing
list and creator of Bangladesh page at fp.o wiki.
I observed that currently the trans-bn mailing list is inactive. There is no
mail after May-2008.
So, I guess Jamil is busy working on other projects and I can take up the
job, of course with his agreement.

Let me know, how should we proceed. I have went through the TQSG and
following its guidelines to start working with the localization team.
Already applied for cvsl10n group which waiting for approval.

cheers // Imtiaz Rahi

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