QA test for L10N

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Tue Jan 5 05:43:13 UTC 2010

Hi translators and testers

Regarding the following task entries of F13, recently I have contacted 
QA team (f-test-l) for live image creation and heard positive replies. 
So I like to reopen different thread to discuss entire picture with QA 
team and L10N team together. Please throw your idea and improve this 
event better. If any doubt/question, pls do ask.

As you can notice, it is my bad expressing this in several way such as 
'QA test for L10N', 'Review task', 'QA event' etc. What is the best to 

For newer translators and testers, this event has just started since 
Fedora 12. The background is that translators are usually working on PO 
file only and unable to check the quality of translation how it appears 
in GUI. Thus to allow translators to review translation in GUI for high 
quality translation, this event has been added with FESCo approval.

* Build F-13 collection packages for all language translators
    (Wed 2010-03-03  	Fri 2010-03-05)

* Review and correct software translation in built UI
    (Mon 2010-03-08 Tue 2010-03-16)

1. Remind devel-announce for building F13 packages with latest 
translation by 2010-03-04.
2. QA team places nightly-compose of 2010-03-05 at specific location, 
and make it available during review period.
3. Translators and testers start QA test (review) during 2010-03-08 and 
4. Packagers fix bugs to include them into final build for GA.

I am thinking to create simple packages list with how-to-access-gui. Any 
finding which needs packager's action should be reported as a bug [1].



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