Self-Introduction: Alexey Morin

Alexey Morin alexeymorin at
Wed Jan 6 01:40:52 UTC 2010

Name: Alexey Morin
Inhabitation: Stavropol, Russia
Login: morin, En-Ru
Job: IT Specialist
I'm working for a bank, Stavropol, Russia
I'd like to contribute Fedora Project in documentation translation
What else I'd like to do are websites, Fedora packages deployment
Any project related to Fedora development to the extent it relates to
administration, programming and configuration.
I first met linux about 4 yrs. ago.
Experience: documentation, operating systems documentation translation, IT
projects, specifications and quotations translation
What level and type of computer skills do you have? Linux (Fedora,
Debian/Ubuntu) and Windows servers administration, virtualization (VMware),
programming (C++, Qt)
GPG KEYID and fingerprint
pub 1024D/5F7D7CB7 2009-12-31
Key fingerprint = E13A 5FB0 55B9 8B26 EA01 07B0 9036 8067 5F7D 7CB7
uid Alexey Morin (Alexey Morin) <alexeymorin at>
sub 4096g/C3B5BC30 2009-12-31
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