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Rui Gouveia rui.gouveia at
Mon Jan 11 11:35:01 UTC 2010


I believe the information from David is VERY important and should be in
the page of each module, in Transifex. After the label "Allow file
submission", why not a "After release, please submit updates to ...".

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for your time.

Rui Gouveia

Em 11-01-2010 00:06, Jens Petersen escreveu:
> I am forwarding this on behalf of David, who is wondering why translation updates are still going to anaconda's f12-branch and not the master branch?  Is that something that needs updating in TX or is it intentional??
> If you follow up please cc David also since he is not on trans list.
> Jens
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Rui Gouveia

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