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Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Sat Jul 3 03:18:43 UTC 2010

On 05/27/2010 02:35 AM, Domingo Becker wrote:
> I was looking for the F13 install guide at the new docs site [1] but,
> as there is no Spanish version yet, the site seems to indicate that
> there is no install-guide at all [2].
> Is it possible to have at the left the links to the English version
> for the untranslated books?
> So the Fedora documetation list is complete. New users will see
> untranslated guides in English and would probably want to join us in
> the translation efforts.

Hi all; this feature is now implemented in the latest Publican source, 
and I've rebuilt the Fedora documentation site to use it. Any books that 
we published for a particular Fedora release now appear under an 
"untranslated" heading an all languages other than English, with links 
to the English versions of the documents.

You can translate "untranslated" into your language (together with other 
parts of the navigation iframe such as "collapse all", "map", 
"statistics" etc), in Transifex here: 
(unfortunately, for technical reasons, we have not yet made the "Search" 
button translatable).

Publican also now uses the translated titles of documents wherever 
available; I'm gradually rebuilding docs to use this feature and hope to 
have this finished soon. At the moment, some translated docs still show 
their English titles in some languages.

Both these features in Publican came about because of feedback from the 
Fedora Localization team over the past few weeks -- thanks very much for 
the suggestions!


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