Announcement: Publican 2 released

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Wed Jul 7 05:41:41 UTC 2010

Publican 2 is finally finished and released. The most significant update 
is the incorporation of the web-publishing component that was previously 
used stand-alone by Red Hat internally and, more recently, has been used 
by the Fedora Documentation Project to build the Fedora documentation 
suite.[0] With web publishing built in, Publican can handle the whole 
publication process from raw XML to a live website. The new feature is 
documented in a new chapter in the Users' Guide.[1]

Apart from this major new feature, Publican 2 also includes fixes for 
several bugs; most notably: xrefs to various elements that didn't work, 
problems with <indexterms> for translators, and various presentation flaws.

No changes are required to documents created with (or updated with) 
Publican 1.x to make them build in Publican 2. The "publican old2new" 
command remains available to update documents created with Publican 0.x 
so that they will build in Publican 2.

Publican 2 is not yet available as a Fedora update; however, you can 
download builds from the Fedora build system (Koji) for testing[1]. If 
Publican 2 works for you, help make it available for others. Visit the 
Fedora update system (Bodhi),[2] log in with your Fedora ID, and give 
positive Karma to the package. Note that if you do not log in to Bodhi, 
your feedback will not count.


- Add Publican::Website.
- Add web_*_label params for web menus.
- Add underscores to cleanset, installbrand, and printtree. BZ #581090
- Update docs with Website content
- Update brand license text.
- Fix different log jar path on F14+
- Add constraint to help_config output.
- Fix segfault when indexterm has no leading content. BZ #592666
- Fix inline indexterm. BZ #592823
- Translate productname tag. BZ #592669
- Fix formalpara missing ID. BZ #595564
- Add dummy lang.css to avoid 404's. BZ #595799
- Improve validation error message. BZ #593887
- Fix qandaentry ID. BZ #593892
- Fix Icon non-conformance. BZ #593890
- Fix admonitions splitting across pages. BZ #596257
- Fix HTML simple list border. BZ #599258
- Fix formal object IDs. BZ #601363
- Fix Revision History layout. BZ #559787 #598828 #598833
- Remove title color from term in HTML. BZ #592822
- Fix highlight breaking callouts. BZ #590933
- Add support for LineColumn coords in area tag.
- Update font requires for F12 and F13.
- Fix clean_ids adding newline to verbatim. BZ #604465
- Fix index missing ID. BZ #606418
- Fix files dir being missed. BZ #609345
- Adjust admonition layout.


[1] "Chapter 6. Building a website with Publican", available online at 

for Fedora 13 or 
for Fedora 12

[3] for 
Fedora 13 or 
for Fedora 12

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