Self-Introduction: Mohammad Alhobayyeb, Arabic Translator.

Okta Purnama Rahadian okta at
Mon Jul 12 21:57:02 UTC 2010

Wellcome :) 

On Tue, 13 Jul 2010 00:33:30 +0300, Mohammad Alhobayyeb 
wrote:  Hi All Members,

My first name is MOHAMMAD and ALHOBAYYEB is my
family name. I am from BURAIDAH, SAUDI ARABIA. My FAS name is MIH1406 and I
want to participate in translating projects to ARABIC language. Here is my
GPG Key ID: E66DBB10 and this is the Fingerprint of my GPG: 3AD4 91E2 1CD0
7011 4A64 70DD 1613 42F7 E66D BB10.

pub 4096R/E66DBB10 2010-07-12
fingerprint = 3AD4 91E2 1CD0 7011 4A64 70DD 1613 42F7 E66D BB10
Mohammad AlHobayyeb   

Best regards, 
Okta Purnama

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