Self-Introduction: Takuma YOSHIDA, Lang:Japanese

dar0s at dar0s at
Wed Jul 21 04:48:14 UTC 2010

Name: Takuma YOSHIDA
Location: Nagano City, Japan
FAS user-name: erota
Language: Japanese
GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
pub   2048R/4F596382 2010-07-21
                 fingerprint = DFC8 49F8 66AA 805E 3D74  F8D7 9F5F 6BC0 4F59 6382
uid                  Takuma YOSHIDA <dar0s at>
sub   2048R/1A44CFFC 2010-07-21

I'm a student of Nagano National College of Technology.
I love Fedora, and i'd like to contribute Fedora through localization.

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