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Fri Jun 4 17:00:59 UTC 2010

Hello Everybody,

My name is Ahmed Samir, and this is my Self-Introduction email.

   - Name: *Ahmed Samir*
   - Location: *Alexandria, Egypt*
   - Login: *ahmedsamir*
   - Language: *Arabic*
   - Profession or Student status: *Web developer *
   - About You: *Hi, I'm a web designer/developer in my free time, I'm in my
   late 20s, and I work full time for NetDNA, LLC. I appreciate OpenSource and
   I believe that Operating Systems and their software should be open for the
   people to use, it helps with creativity. I took RHEL classes a couple of
   years ago, and this is how I got involved with Fedora, and other Linux
   Distributions. I'm pretty savvy with computers as I worked as a technician
   for a few years. I enjoy reading and listening to music.*
   - You and the Fedora Project: *I got introduced to fedora when I took my
   RHEL class a couple of years ago. While RHEL was not the OS for a desktop,
   and I needed something friendly for a Linux desktop environment, I found
   Fedora. I had some experience with it on a server level as a friend of mine
   runs Fedora Core on some of his servers, and dealing with the OS was very
   simple, I liked it. What is usually a problem for those who don't speak
   English is the localization of the OS, it can be a problem for them. And
   since Windows does exist in Arabic, maybe linux needs to exist in Arabic
   too. This is why I want to help with the translation in my free time.*
   - GPG KEYID and fingerprint:

*[ Ahmed at tranquillity (~) ]# gpg --fingerprint 9BAF8D9A
pub   4096R/9BAF8D9A 2010-06-04
      Key fingerprint = 2795 B89F 10CE 7033 7F66  4E53 3E54 C472 9BAF 8D9A
uid                  Ahmed Samir <ahmed at>

Thanks to Runa B for helping me finding the Email format.

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