Self-Introduction: Petr Pisar, Czech

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Fri Jun 11 01:22:30 UTC 2010

Petr Pisar さんは書きました:
> Hello everbody,
> I'd like to join Fedora translation effort. My profile follows:
> Name: Petr Pisar (Petr Písař in native form)
> Login: ppisar
> Language: Czech
> About Me:
>     Besides programming skills (free time and on paid base), I have long
>     term experience with software localazation into Czech language. I'm member
>     of Czech GNU Translation Project team
>     <> (bash, coreutils etc.) and
>     I translate other packages too (e.g. audacious, djview4).
> I and the Fedora Project:
>     I maintain few base system packages (e.g. quota, sharutils) and
>     co-maintain a lot of perl packages in Fedora. I'd like to improve Czech
>     localization of some Fedora projects. I aim to `abrt' currently.
> PGP Key: 0x7130CC72, hash is 8B15 3BED 928A C8CA 6243  CCE9 B91E 1FE2 7130 CC72
> -- Petr

Petr, welcome to Fedora Localization Project!
Fedora 14 is about to start, and it is excellent timing to have you on 
board. How-to start translation can be found in Translation Quick Start 
Guide [1].

Adam, Czech team has no sponsor for cvsl10n group, and it would be good 
timing as well to have the sponsor for the team. Please let me know if 
you like yourself to become the sponsor so that you can approve new 
translator to join?  You can also nominate other to be for back up when 
you are absent.


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