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noriko noriko at
Tue Jun 15 04:19:08 UTC 2010

noriko さんは書きました:
> abed fa さんは書きました:
>> Hello Okte, Hello everyone,
>> I have two people who are helping me (upload my translations) already, one of whom is my cousin. The trouble is that I got sick of sending messages and attachments each time I want to make a translation. I find it a horribly time-consuming process. What I really need is to have those permission myself, which will make it much easier for me to translate.
>> I have already applied for the "Translation CVS Commit Group" and "Translation HG Commit Group", but I'm still waiting to get accepted :-(
>> If you know anyone who can help me, please help! :-/
>> My name is    Abdalrahim G. Fakhouri.
>> Location:    West-Bank, Palestine.
>> Account:    abdilra7eem
>> Email:        abdilra7eem at
>> Languages:    Arabic (native), English (fluent), French (begginer).
>> Translation:    English to Arabic.
>> Extra Info. :
>> P.A. university student - English major, French minor - Linuxer since 2006.
> Welcome to FLP, Abdalrahim
> Tareq and Munzir, I just learnt that Tareq is no longer the sponsor but 
> just 'user', while the team page [1] still indicates Tareq as Sponsor 
> for Arabic team. Only the sponsor for the team can approve new 
> translator for his/her application of commit group. Could you please 
> advise who to be the sponsor for Arabic team? So that the page can be 
> updated.
> [1]:

Sorry double posts... I should have said more specific.
Could you please advise who to be the sponsor for Arabic team, I can 
upgrade him/her to 'sponsor' if not yet.
I understand Abdalrahim's pain, and would like to help.


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