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Wed Jun 16 22:17:07 UTC 2010

Hello Noriko,

Since I received your messages, I tried to contact some friends, in order to make sure whether they are busy or not, And to know if one of them can take this position. Some of them are busy enough these days, the others will be very busy two months from now.

A few minutes ago, I send a message [1] to Arabeyes' [2] mailing list, requesting them to recommend someone from their team. And now I'm waiting for their reply. In case if they do not respond, or if their response takes long time, then I will be more than happy to fill this position myself if you accept so.

Best regards,

1. That message is included in the end of this one.
2. Arabeyes <arabeyes.org> is the biggest and most active Arabic translation team, which takes care of translating many FOSS
 including gnome, kde, and helps translating others like fedora, ...etc.

Your sincerely,
A. Fakhouri

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From: abed fa <abdilra7eem at yahoo.com>
Subject: sponser for fedora
To: "doc arabeyes" <doc at arabeyes.org>
Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 5:44 PM

Salam aleikum,
Hello everybody,

I have just received a message from "Noriko Mizumoto", an administrator on fedoraproject.org requesting for someone who can/should be a sponsor for the trans-ar (Arabic translation and arabization) team, since the old one is no longer there, and we are left without a sponsor (and I'm still waiting for my application to be approved !!).

I suppose that Arabeyes, as the biggest and most active translation and arabization team, should take part in this, and that's why I'm sending this message. I'm leaving it to you (Arabeyes administration and members) to choose/recommend the right person to take this position.

Please note that this person should be an
 active member, and has to be online most of the time, in order to respond to the members
 of the translation team/group.

The discussion is still active on "trans" mailing list. Please join it and send your recommendation.

I'm waiting for your reply,
Thank you!

Your sincerely,
A. Fakhouri


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