New translation process for wiki; feedback requested

daniel cabrera logan at
Sat Jun 26 15:30:15 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-06-24 at 10:57 +1000, noriko wrote:

> Thank you Ian and Rui,
> This will be very useful for all translators.
> Now I like to learn how other teams to maintain those translated wiki
> pages, as some of them might not be static but have some updates
> occasionally? Watching page? Any idea would be appreciated.
> noriko
> --

Hi noriko.
I think that a way would be that each team creates their own wiki page,
containing information about which pages are being translated, the name
of the team members that are involved in the process, and any other data
that helps knowing what to translate and what not, to the rest of the
Of course, each translator would have to watch and update those pages
over which she/he is working on, and inform the rest of the team in the
case that he/she can't do it any more. 
Daniel Cabrera (es)
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