Transifex 0.8 Magneto -- woohoo!

Dimitris Glezos glezos at
Wed Mar 3 00:11:04 UTC 2010

Yup. It's out! Transifex 0.8, codenamed Magneto, is out on the street. Yeehaa!!

This is definitely one of our best releases yet. Packed with exciting
new features, and lots of love. Here's a glimpse of the new stuff:

- Translation Teams
- Translation Reviews
- Timeline & history
- Project Releases and Removal of Collections
- Weekly notification for maintainers
- Subversion over secure HTTP (https)
- Lotte support for plurals, msgctxt, filtering, searching and more!
- Nudges between users
- Notifications for permission requests

This release includes more than 510 changesets and close to 100
tickets resolved. Magneto is the release with the most contributors,
the most languages, the most changesets (almost 60% more than the
previous 0.7) and the biggest impact. Here's the raw diffstat:

   438 files changed, 114680 insertions(+), 46081 deletions(-)

A big THANK YOU goes to the people who made this release possible:
code contributors, translators, and everyone who has helped in one way
or another. Special thanks to the Moblin Project and XFCE for their

Please report any bugs at

This has been a great journey. Expect even greater things with 0.9. A
plugin system, a new core engine... can't wait to start hacking on it.

Enjoy! Let a thousand languages bloom!


Dimitris Glezos

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