A couple of strings I can't find

Ville-Pekka Vainio vpivaini at cs.helsinki.fi
Wed Mar 3 16:48:38 UTC 2010

ke, 2010-03-03 kello 08:16 -0300, Domingo Becker kirjoitti:
> The string is there.
> Something must be done for packages that are translated upstream.
> It seems our package maintainers don't download the new translations,
> or maybe something else is breaking them.
> For Spanish, that string was translated before the release of Fedora 10.
> It's in Spanish in the es.po file since then.
> It was included and is shown in Spanish in F10.
> But since Fedora 11, it's back in English.
> Fedora 11 and 12 show that string in English.
> It's disappointing when our translations are not used.
> Let's see what happens with Fedora 13 Alpha.
> It's the chance to file a bug and get the attention of the package maintainer.

In gnome-packagekit's case the upstream maintainer and the Fedora
package maintainer are the same person, Richard Hughes. The updated
translations are going into the Fedora packages, that's not the problem

Something is going wrong in the gnome-packagekit build process, which is
causing the .desktop files to be left without translations
intermittently. This varies between builds and architectures. I've filed
a bug: <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=557082>. I even sent
an email to the devel list and Kevin Kofler suggested disabling parallel
build in the .spec file, in case this is some sort of a race condition.
I talked to Richard about this on IRC, it's on his todo list, but a
provenpackager (which I'm not) could also do this change.

This is not fixed in Fedora 13. At some point I guess we were lucky
enough to have all .desktop files translated, but then a subsequent
build had some translations missing again.

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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