Self-Introduction: Ilias Romanos

Ilias Romanos ilias at
Fri Mar 5 01:40:17 UTC 2010


my name is Ilias from Ioannina, Greece and my FAS username is kboi.

I've first encountered the Linux OS a decade ago, with Debian 2.1, and
I'm using it exclusively since late 2006.

I've contributed to various FOSS projects over the years and I'd like to
participate a little more actively to the development of my favorite
distro. Better late, than never.

With the new Fedora release just around the corner, I'd like to give a
hand to the l10n, get a hang of how the community works and maybe move
to Infrastructure or QA later.

[ilias at arronax ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 730FCEBA
pub   2048R/730FCEBA 2010-03-04
      Key fingerprint = C298 D4CB 11B4 2A86 4636  330D 7608 834B 730F
uid                  Ilias Romanos (Fedora Project) <ilias at>
sub   2048R/35777BD8 2010-03-04

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