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Rafael Gomes rafaelgomes at
Sat Mar 6 19:03:44 UTC 2010

Hi Guys,

Why we mantain the transifex translate in our transifex[1], if it have
yourself upstream project?

Should we remove this project from our infra?


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[2] -

Rafael Gomes
Consultor em TI
(71) 8146-5772

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On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 6:26 AM, Ilias Romanos <ilias at> wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-03-05 at 13:41 +0530, Shankar Prasad Venkateshbhat wrote:
>> HI Ilias,
>> > my name is Ilias from Ioannina, Greece and my FAS username is kboi.
>> >
>> Welcome! Nice to see you here! Since you are from Greece, I assume
>> that you are interested to contribute to Greek Translations.
>> Currently Dimitris Glezos is the Maintainer for the Greek Team.
>> To reach out the fellow Greek Translators please do join the el
>> mailing list as well.
>> To learn more about the translation process involved in the FLP, do
>> visit the Greek version of Translation Quick Start Guide.
>> For any other help, please drop a mail to the list.
>> Shanky
>> --
>> trans mailing list
>> trans at
> Hey Shanky,
> Thank you for the welcoming. I've already joined my local mailing list
> and send an introductory mail to them as I was instructed by the
> Translation Quick Start Guide you've mentioned.
> Thanks again,
> Ilias
> --
> trans mailing list
> trans at

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