Review and correct software translation in built UI

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Tue Mar 9 04:07:47 UTC 2010

Yulia Poyarkova さんは書きました:
> Thanks Noriko,
> Quick question about the software translation deadline. Your message 
> states it's 16 March, yet according to John's plan:
> Tue 16-Feb  Tue 23-Mar  Final Software Translation Period (POT to PO)
> Which deadline should we aim for?

It is 16-Mar, Translation Deadline for translators.
The above mentioned entry includes the period of 'Rebuild translated 
packages' by package maintainers. I agree that this may seem a bit 

Please remember that any continuous translation work after 16-Mar of 
deadline still may or may not be included, depending on package 
maintainer. All the work done by deadline should be guaranteed for 

Could you kindly modify this entry as below?

'Final Software Translation Period (POT to PO) 2010-02-16  to  2010-03-23'
=> 'Software Translation Period  2010-02-16  to  2010-03-16'
* Change date aligned with deadline, remove two words of 'final' and 
'(POT to PO)'.

We may not need the following entries as those are the task for devel 
team not trans team. How you guys translators think?
'Software: Start Rebuild all translated packages  2010-03-16  to  2010-0316'
'Software: Rebuild all translated packages  2010-03-16  to  2010-03-23'


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