Self-Introduction: Geunsik Lim

leemgs leemgs at
Tue Mar 9 09:48:55 UTC 2010

Dear All,

My name is Geunsik Lim. Nice to meet you.

* Self-Introduction: Geunsik Lim
* Language: Korean
* Location/Inhabitation: Suwon City, South Korea
* Login: leemgs
* Job: Embedded Developer, System Architect, Application Programmer,
          System Admin

I'm working as programmer, Suwon, South korea. I like English language
and Linux,
so I'd like to contribute Fedora Project in translation it to Korean.
My first distribution was Redhat 5.X. I first met linux in 1995 and
never looked back.

I've contributed to various FOSS projects over the years and I'd like to
participate a little more actively to the development of my favourite
distro. Better late, than never.

I would like to contribute Fedora Project in translating soft-wares to my
native language. Also, I am seeking opportunity to do packaging for Fedora.

* My GPG key and fingerprint:
[invain-leemgs at fc11 ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 3A003939
pub   2048R/3A003939 2010-01-26
      Key fingerprint = 4AFA 9B0E 2C21 B884 DFF5  A049 FD25 C50E 3A00 3939
uid                  Geunsik Lim (Embedded Developer) <leemgs at>

[invain-leemgs at fc11 ~]$


Geunsik Lim, Software Engineer
Blog Site :
Gtalker ID: leemgs at

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