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Tue Mar 9 23:36:49 UTC 2010

2010/3/10 Noriko Mizumoto <noriko at>:
> leemgs さんは書きました:
>> On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 7:30 AM, Noriko Mizumoto <noriko at> wrote:
>>> Michelle Kim さんは書きました:
>>>> Currently, we have new coordinator for Korean, who is Hyunsok Oh (hoh at
>>>> redhat dot com)
>>>> Please feel free to email me or Hyunsok anytime
>>> Michelle,
>>> Thank you so much for supporting Korean team so long since launching of
>>> Fedora project. It was pleasure to work with you. I know you are not going
>>> anywhere but still be with us, so I am hoping that you keep backing up
>>> Hyunsok and Korean team :-)
>>> Hyunsok,
>>> Could you please follow the steps [1] to take over the
>>> coordinator/maintainer role for Korean team?
>>> I like to upgrade you to Sponsor of cvsl10n group, so that you will be able
>>> to approve new translators. Could you please let me know your FAS user name?
>> It seem good to me. :)
>> I think that this is good news for Korean translation contributors at least.
>> For reference, I posted peoples that I know currently.
>> ( website - )
> Very nice, thank you!
>> If the level of Hyunsok is changed as Sponsor in cvsl10n group for
>> Korean translation
>> Please, update contents at
>> And, I want new sponsor to create a New Mailing List  called "tran-ko". :)
> There is trans-ko, here.
Thanks, But, It's strange.
In fact, I can not find "trans-ko" at
like "trans-ja" or "trans-fr" or and so on.
Please, Can you correct this problem?
> If you wish to be a part of administrator, you can discuss among Korean
> team :-)
Thank you for your explanation. I will contact Korean team.
> noriko

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