Christian Ponce

Christian en Gmail zhipg22 at
Thu Mar 11 10:07:23 UTC 2010

Christian I. Ponce G.
Mexico city, Mexico
login: zhipg
Job: Professional yet freelance translator of very technical sciences 
documents (Eng-Spa)
Currently, I'm in the process of setting up my own transtaltion agency, 
but I love to learn and read other stuff. This is one of the reasons I'm 
here. Translating is a very good way to learn stuff. I've been using 
fedora since April 2009 and I think it is great. In fact, open sorce 
gave me some tools to develop other skills for translating and I think 
that I can learn even more. More recently I've translated some marketing 
stuff, that is not my major, but that was kind of easy.

I must admit that I'm noob for this open source thing, now I have 
already got used to CLI, and I don't regret of switching to Open Source. 
You can be sure that, from time to time, I'll be pissing you with 
technical inquiries about terms and usage, lol.

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(what is this for?, can any one explain it to me? I mean the finger print)

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