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On 03/11/2010 03:37 PM, Christian en Gmail wrote:
> Christian I. Ponce G.
Welcome to Fedora Translations Project.!

> Mexico city, Mexico
> login: zhipg
> Job: Professional yet freelance translator of very technical sciences
> documents (Eng-Spa)
If you are here to to lend your hands to Spanish translation team, then 
you may prefer to know more about the Team's Maintainer, Domingo Becker 

Apart from this list, to reach out the other Spanish translators you can 
also join the Spanish mailing list 
<> and 
#fedora-es <irc://> irc channel on freenode.

To get collective details about the whole translation process of Fedora, 
you can refer the Translation Quick Start Guide 

For any further help or assistance, send a mail to this list.

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