Self-Introduction: ptr

Bojtos Péter ptr at
Thu Mar 11 15:52:37 UTC 2010

hi everyone,

    * Name: Peter Bojtos
    * Location: Budapest, Hungary
    * Login: ptr
    * Job: JBOSS system engineer trainee
    * I'm working for an open source company, Budapest, Hungary
    * I'd like to contribute Fedora Project application translation
    * I first met linux about 5 years ago
    * Experience: server administration, managing systems, supporting IT projects

[ptr at gloren ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 3D70F257
pub   2048R/3D70F257 2010-03-11
      Key fingerprint = 4635 D036 8FF9 D6D7 688E  5B4E 2FA3 9DE1 3D70 F257
uid                  Peter Bojtos (ptr) <ptr at>
sub   2048R/0D3CE9B5 2010-03-11

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