Transifex 0.7.4 on line!

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Fri Mar 12 00:37:32 UTC 2010

Here's a huge thank-you to Ricky, Dmitris, and everyone else who has 
helped to get Fedora's Transifex instance upgraded to version 0.7.4.

Amongst a whole host of new features is the one that the docs team and 
localization team have been eagerly awaiting -- the ability to handle 
multiple PO files per project! This means that Transifex can serve the 
multiple PO files that make up documents build with Publican.

Docs writers, we now need to do one last split of the PO files, so that 
all the work done by Fedora translators on the big, merged files is 
carried across to the individual, Publican files. This should actually 
take place in new branches of the git repository for each file. Please 
co-ordinate with me on this -- I will email out detailed instructions 
(and rationales) shortly.

Translators, we are temporarily disabling submissions to all docs 
projects so that we can complete this work and make sure that you don't 
lose any translated content that you have submitted. I will notify 
trans-list again when this work is completed. We will also (finally) be 
able to offer Publican's Common Content files to translators in a sane 
way and not rely on emailing updates back-and-forth.

Submissions are temporarily closed for:

Fedora 12 (Docs :: Release Notes) - True
Fedora 12 (Docs :: Deployment Guide) - True
Fedora 12 (Docs :: Installation Quick Start Guide) - True
Fedora 12 (Docs :: Readme) - True
Fedora 12 (Docs :: About Fedora) - True
Fedora 12 (Docs :: User Guide) - True
Fedora 12 (Docs :: Virtualization Guide) - True
Fedora 12 (Docs :: Readme Live Image) - True
Fedora 12 (Docs :: Installation Guide) - True
Fedora 12 (Docs :: Readme Burning ISOs) - True
master (Docs :: Translation Quick Start Guide) - True
trunk (Docs :: SELinux User Guide) - True
trunk (Docs :: Security Guide) - True

Again, thanks to everyone who made this happen!



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