Fedora 12 docs in Transifex 0.7.4

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at redhat.com
Sun Mar 14 03:19:16 UTC 2010

Hi all --

Yesterday and today, I've been performing one final split of the big, 
merged PO files from the previous Transifex into the separate small PO 
files used by Publican.

As I was doing this, I realised that we are now only a few weeks away 
from branching these documents again, to incorporate changes for Fedora 
13. Therefore, I don't think it's a good idea for the docs team to ask 
translators to work on content that might be about to change very soon.

So, although the final split is now complete, I have only requested that 
file submissions get turned on for a few documents that are unlikely to 
change very much (if at all):

Docs :: About Fedora
Docs :: Readme
Docs :: Readme Burning ISOs
Docs :: Readme Live Image

If any translator would like to continue working on any of the major 
pieces of Fedora 12 documentation (Release Notes, Install Guide etc), 
please contact me and I'll make sure things are set up so that you can 
keep going. However, there are big changes coming for most of these 
books, so I really encourage you to wait until after the F13 branch is 

Apart from the four small pieces listed above, there are three 
docs-related tasks that still need attention from translators please:

1. DocBook locale file -- 

2. Publican "Conventions" file -- 

3. Publican "Feedback" file for Fedora -- 

Yes -- we can finally update the Publican files without using email! :) 
Note that there are some substantial changes to the "Conventions" file 
-- this is mainly due to feedback from Fedora translators who pointed 
out to us how un-necessarily difficult some of the strings were in the 
previous version, so thank you for telling us what was wrong.

Big thanks to Piotr and Ricky for their help setting things up yesterday 
and today; and as usual, a big thank you to all our wonderful translators :)



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