Translate Beta Release Notes

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Wed Mar 17 01:51:48 UTC 2010


I have had the chat with Rudi regarding the subject, to get the info of 
it's progress. It seems that the wiki version is not yet complete thus 
there is nothing in XML, meaning POT&POs to be empty even they are made atm.

Now this turned into the question which requires the attention from all 
of us.
It is said from docs team that 'we never translate beta rel-note, and 
this item should not have been on the L10N schedule. This did not happen 
for F12 actually'.
Besides this item can be found in the schedule of F9 through F13.

Do we need this entry or not?  If we need it why? If we don't need it 
why? It would be needed to clarify the usefulness of this entry.
How you think?


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