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I'm Joe O'Dell, and I go by the nick ascenseur on the FAS and on IRC. My wiki page is at [0]

I am currently in Bedford, UK (so it's a GMT timezone) and I'm a student.

As I'm still a student, (and under 18), I don't have a "proper" job. I do, however, make small websites and suchlike, which I stick info about on my site [1] - I also run a web blog where I review and post about eco-friendly stuff (mainly computers)[2].

I already contribute to the Fedora Project as an Ambassador, but also as part of the Free Media Group [3]. I have had previous experience at translating linux packages using Ubuntu's Launchpad system, where I gained ~1800 "karma points"; My personal translation page is viewable at [4].

I have actually been using Linux for a while, approximately 5 years; considering that I am only 14, it's quite a long while! Over that time period, I have had experience with Ubuntu, Windows (Server & Desktop), openSUSE and, quite heavily, Fedora. Although many people prefer to "jump ship", I have still stayed within the Ubuntu UK groups, as they give me a really good insight into what is happening with Linux in the UK, (the Fedora UK group has only recently started up).

I must admit, my programming skills are atrocious - Visual Basic is my absolute limit, and I can't even do that very well. However, I am considerably better at translation (& organisation, thank god!). Also, through the Ambassador group, I have ascertained some quite powerful "People Skills".

My GPG key ID is: 0x41BBF4C9	
You may not need the 0x, but I get into a habit of adding it every time! It is published to as many keyservers as I could, just in case! It is tied to my email joseph.odell at

I have set up a BugZilla account for my fedora email address (ascenseur at

Thanks, and I can't wait to join you!

Joe O'Dell

Joe O'Dell

Fedora Ambassador & Contributor (FreeMedia)

bedsLUG Co-Ordinator

DFEY Member (SouthEast)

Ubuntu-UK Group Member

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