Self-Introduction: Pierre Carrier

Pierre Carrier pcarrier at
Mon Mar 22 01:00:03 UTC 2010


I'm Pierre Carrier (username pcarrier).

I live in Guildford, Surrey, UK, work at Red Hat as a Technical Support

I'd like to work on some documentation translation, maybe do some packaging.

I first met linux about 10 yrs. ago. I can administer a server.
I am also an Arch Linux developer.

I already translated a few TED conferences to French, made some software
translation work on Launchpad, and translated technical support messages
(both from French to English and from English to French).

I do know a few things about product design and UI design, to stick with
the template :)

I can write some code, would rather stick to C, C++, Python, Ruby & Lua
for FOSS contributions.

Here's my fingerprint:

~ % gpg --fingerprint ADDC8FD7
pub   1024D/ADDC8FD7 2008-05-25
      Key fingerprint = DE0B 6E85 08B9 07E5 0427  4885 8FC3 AB78 ADDC 8FD7
uid                  Pierre Carrier <pcarrier at>
uid                  Pierre Carrier <perso at>
uid                  Geoffroy Carrier <geoffroy at>
uid                  Geoffroy Carrier <geoffroy.carrier at>
uid                  Geoffroy Carrier <gcarrier at>
uid                  Pierre Carrier <work at>
sub   4096g/46F59407 2008-05-25

Feel free to ask me anything sensible!



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